Gentle Colonics

My goal is to provide gentle and effective colonics to every client and to create and maintain a relaxed, safe and nurturing environment.

When you come for a treatment, I will listen nonjudgmentally to your needs, satisfy you with your treatment and its results, and provide on-going health support whenever you seek it.

Why Colonics?

Colonics are:

Why Hudson Valley Colonics?

Since 2004, I have helped 100's of people improve their health and uplift the quality of their lives. I provide people with a safe, clean colon therapy environment. From the time you arrive, you will feel welcomed, cared for and listened to. During the entire treatment I am present; you are never left alone. My process is a state of the art closed system using only disposable tubing and linens. Your comfort inside the office as well as within your self is extremely important and valued to me. In addition to colonics, I offer various other treatments to enhance and maintain health.