What to Expect

Schedule one and half-hours for your first appointment and one hour and fifteen minutes for any followup. For the initial health intake, you will fill out health forms and then we will sit together. I will explain the treatment process and answer any questions you may have about the colonics procedure. Your colonic treatment will last about 45 minutes – or less if you prefer.

The Treatment
There are different types of colonic systems, closed and open. My system is a closed, where I stay with you the entire procedure; taking care of you and operating the instrument. You will have a private restroom to put a gown on. I will help you get comfortable on the treatment table and begin the treatment, continuing to make sure you feel relaxed, safe and warm.

Water is set at body temperature as it begins to irrigate the colon. Your abdomen is nurtured with a castor oil pack. A healing procedure, which helps to relax and release the abdominal muscles. Abdominal massage is offered as is greatly assists in the process of release. I stay with you throughout the entire procedure.

Gentle Treatment
Everyone experiences his or her colonic differently. Each session is given with great respect and support to the client. My approach to colonics is gentle, always gentle. I work hard to provide a safe, comfortable and relaxed space for you in a potentially uncomfortable situation.