What is a Colonic?

A colonic is a safe, gentle procedure of washing the large intestine/colon with pure filtered water. The water hydrates as it begins to loosen and remove excess fecal matter that is causing congestion in the colon. With the help of the gentle approach to relation, abdominal touch and castor oil pack applied directly to the abdomen during the treatment clients experience great relief.

Why Colonics?

The colon can become congested from many reasons such as stress, past or current medications, illness, poor muscle tone, chronic constipation, or past or present dietary habits. When there is excess matter in the colon, acidic in character, it is released throughout the body via the blood and lymph systems and can lead to self-poisoning. which is also known as autointoxication. Colonics can strengthen the colon so it can function more efficiently and effectively. Consistently, people experience a sense of wellness and vigor.

With regular colonics many people feel relief from the following conditions.

Connie’s approach to colonics is gentle, always gentle. She creates space for the client to feel safe, confortable and relaxed. She understands some people may experience discomfort with the treatment and feel vulnerable during the session.