About Connie

Since 2004, Connie has been in private practice serving the Hudson Valley. Her instrument is a FDA approved closed instrument, meaning that everything is literally enclosed. All of the speculum, tubing and linen are disposable. Only pure filtered water is used during the treatment. The water is filtered through a state of the art system; carbon, particle and UV light filtering.

The procedure area is safe, private and thoroughly cleaned after each session.

Connie's approach to colonics is gentle, always gentle. She works to create a space for the client to feel safe, confortable and relaxed. She understands some people may experience discomfort with the treatment and feel vulnerable during the session. Her intention with each person is to hold their best interest to heart striving to create an environment so the person feels safe, listened to, physically warm and comfortable. The more relaxed a person is on the table the better their treatment will be and the most benefits they will experience.